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Liisa Jugapuu

Liisa Jugapuu (b. 1990) is a graduate of the Painting Department of the Estonian Academy of Arts (BA 2015, MA 2017). Participated in exhibitions since 2012, incl. several group and solo exhibitions. Jugapuu has taken part in contests such as “Future Stars of Estonian Art 2016”, where she won third place and the Young Painter Prize 2016 (Baltic Young Painter Award 2016), when she managed to reach the 15 finalists. Her way of painting is characterized by strong brushwork and a strong sense of color. At first glance, figurative elements are also present in her paintings, which focus exclusively on the language of abstract painting, manifested through finer lines. According to the artist herself, her paintings are born spontaneously.


Born 1990 in Haapsalu, Estonia 


2015 - 2017 Estonian Academy of Arts (Painting) (Master’s degree)

2011 - 2015 Estonian Academy of Arts (Painting) (Bachelor) 

1998 - 2010 – Haapsalu Wiedemanni Gümnaasium


Spring 2013 – worked in the management team of ERKI fashion show. 

Summer of 2013 – I worked as an intern at the Biennale of Venice, in the

Estonian Pavilion of Dénes Farkas’s exhibition “Evident in Advance”. 

2010-2011 – Painting course “Maalimaailm” in Estonian Academy of arts. 

2012 – Summer practice in Muhu. 


2017 - KÕNE/Speech, ARS, Tallinn

2016 – Almost honest, Toompea Castle, Tallinn

2015 – CONFESSION POOL, with Pille-Riin Jaik and Helena Keskküla, EKA Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2015 – Almost honest, Haapsalu Linnagalerii 

2015 – Almost honest, Hobusepea galerii 


2021 - Exhibition in Draakoni Galerii kõht

2021 - Spring Exhibition 2021 of the Estonian Artists' Association

2018 - ARS Concept, T1 Mall of Tallinn

2017 - TASE 2017, Noblessner

2016 – YOUNG PAINTER PRIZE, TSEKH Gallery, Vilnius

2016 – Tundmatuse piir, SUVA Sukavabrik, Tallinn, Estonia

2015 – PIND, EKKM, Tallinn, Estonia

2015 – Spring Exhibition. Annual Exhibition of the Estonian Artists’ Association,

Tallinn, Estonia

2015 – JÄRJEPIDEVUS JA UUDSUS, Pärnu Uue Kunsti Muuseum 

2013 – TUTTUUS, ARS’s house 

2013 – Kaasaütlev.Ilmaütlev, Hobusepea galerii 

2013 – MUUTUUM, Draakoni galeri. Tallinn, Estonia


2013 – MUUTTUUM, Pärnu Kunstnike Maja

2013 – Do it, EKA Pseudogalerii. Tallinn, Estonia

2012 – Muster, Von Krahl. Tallinn, Estonia

2012 – 1st cut, Von Krahl. Tallinn, Estonia 


Future stars of Estonian Art Competition 2016, III place

YOUNG PAINTER PRIZE 2016, finalist


10.aprilli Äripäeva Merilin Metsa artikkel „Abstraktselt maalitud ausus. Värvikirevus“

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